Emerald Hills Yard Sale - May 12th 2018

Our Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale, sponsored by our Homeowners Association, is coming Saturday, May 12th. Residents have sold cars, children's toys, sporting goods, and many more items to extensive to list here.  What you want to sell is up to you, just price your items at what you think they are worth and what someone would buy them for.  Place your items in your yard / driveway / garage and be ready by 7 AM Saturday, May 12th.  How long you decide to sell or "be open" is up to you.   

Friday evening, May 11th "early bird yard sale preview" for EHHOA Members. If you are ready for the Saturday morning yard sale on Friday evening, please open your garage door to your neighbors for a preview sale for EHHOA Members. Saturday will be very busy with local bargain hunters, so Friday evening, welcome your fellow neighbors to see and buy your treasures that you no longer need. Happy bargain hunting and selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure...
If you do not wish to participate or do not have anything to sell, just keep your garage door closed.

Contact Nicole Baucom for more information.   Nichole can be reached via at "nicolembaucom@aol.com".

CLICK HERE for media slips that can be printed and posted to get out the word.