Emerald Hills Realtors® Information

Important change: As of 4/1/2015 Emerald Hills Homeowners Association contracted 'Association & Property Management Services (APMS)' in Harrisonburg to assist our Board of Directors with our HOA management. Realtors MUST contact 'Association & Property Management Services' for documents, realtor packets, and owner assessment status. APMS can be reached by phone at 540-423-3879 or email 'office@apmsva.com'.

Note that some of the information below may not be accurate due to this change.

Emerald Hills would like to extend a warm welcome to all Realtors® who list properties in our community. Our Homeowners Association realizes that we have a complementary relationship and many common goals. Paramount among these is the desire to maintain and enhance the quality and value of properties within Emerald Hills.

There are several things that Realtors® (and owners) need to know when selling or purchasing a home in Emerald Hills. Highlighted keywords in the text below below can be 'clicked on' allowing display of relevant material.

  1. A Disclosure Packet MUST be obtained from 'Association & Property Management Services' to release a property for resale. Listing agents are urged to order this package early to prevent a delayed closure. The package includes an HOA release to assure that no outstanding violations or legal action is pending. Agents are advised to check on this if not included.
  2. Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's) - Copies of our covenants and restrictions are posted one our website on the covenants page. Realtors® are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our governing documents and to prepare a copy for perspective buyers. These documents are well supported by our residents and actively enforced by our Homeowners Association, resulting in the beautiful community that we enjoy today. Covenants are organized by subdivision section which can be obtained either from our Subdivision map or the properties for sale (Sec column) report.
  3. By Laws of Emerald Hills Association, Inc. - These are Bylaws of Emerald Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.(the “Association), a Virginia Nonstock Corporation, which was organized under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia with Articles of Incorporation which were filed in the office of the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission and subject to the Amended and Restated Declaration affecting the land and all residential improvements thereon known as Emerald Hills Subdivision, Sections 1-6 and all annexations and additions thereto.
  4. Most recent Annual and Quarterly financial reports may be obtained from 'Association & Property Management Services' .
  5. Annual Assessments - Each property owner (based on each lot, not home) of record as of July 1st each year is sent an invoice for any past balance and current assessment to cover the period starting on July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. Our Emerald Hills HOA does not collect "partial dues payments" for re-sold properties. If a property in our neighborhood is re-sold during the fiscal period, the real estate "Closing attorney" should pro-rate a credit to the property owner. This is similar to how property taxes are handled, and should be reflected on the closing statement. The amount of assessment is typically set during the first quarter of each year by the Board of Directors. This amount will vary from year to year.
  6. Signs -
    1. Only one sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising the property for sale or rent or a sign used by the builder to advertise the property during construction is allowed on a property.
    2. No signs are permitted on association common areas, including the community front entrance, without board approval. Non-approved signs will be removed at the Realtors® expense.
  7. Resident Information - Information that may be of interest to prospective buyers can be found on our resident information page. Most of this information will be included in a welcome package that is presented to new residents as soon as possible after they move in. Realtors® are requested to inform our webmaster via our contact us page of closing and estimated move-in dates to assist us in delivering welcome packages. Our neighborhood welcome person can be contacted via our contact us page.