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05/05/19 06:45 - Rain gauge failed yesterday. Opened it up to try new batteries and found a spider nest in it. Cleaned it out and put in new batteeries but it's still; not fully working. It's raining lightly now so we'll find out soon if it's working again.

01/09/19 13:40
- Windows update started around 10:15 but locked up the station PC resulting in it being offline. The updated was manually completed around 13:30. Station now back online.

03/18/18 14:00 - Fishersville weather moved from "" to "" to prepare for selling the domain. The old URL is being redirected to the new one via a '.htaccess' file in the old home directory.

02/07/18 13:00 - Earlier freezing rain resulted in a failure of the automatic tipping bucket that measures my weather station's rainfall. Upon opening the device up a chunk of ice was discovered under one side of the bucket preventing it from tipping. The ice was removed and the bucket was manually tipped a number of time to match the amount of rain in the backup rain gauge.