Atttention Emerald Hills Residents!

All owners and renters (*) are urged to attend this very important meeting.

The Annual Association Meeting will be 7pm Tuesday December 16, 2008 at Augusta County Library, 1759 Jefferson Hwy, Fishersville, VA.

The agenda will include the following:

  1. Roll call and certifying of proxies.
  2. Reading of the meeting notice and agenda
  3. Approval of meeting minutes and treasurer's report.
  4. Reports of all other officers.
  5. Reports of committees.
  6. Unfinished business.
  7. New business.
  8. Adjournment.

Please contact Kurt Michaels, President, at (540) 946-8277 for more information.

(*) Renters are welcome to participate but are not counted for quorum and are not eligible to vote in related issues.