Date: 12/23/2008

Subject: Trash Removal Service

To: Emerald Hills Residents

The subject of “Trash Removal Service” for our neighborhood was brought up and discussed at our annual homeowners meeting last Tuesday December 16th.  A few of the concerns that were discussed include the number of trash trucks in and out of our community, the number of different days service is provided by the four (4) different companies, the mess left in our community by some of the poorly maintained trash trucks, the types of items picked-up (or not), the option for recycling, and monthly rates- just to name a few.

Therefore, it was decided to form a committee to research and recommend options to the board and eventually to be presented to all Emerald Hills homeowners.  Currently there are two homeowners volunteering to form this committee and wish for more participation.  If you have an interest in serving on the EHHOA Trash Removal Service committee, please contact one of your board members.  However, if you just simply want to make a comment or suggestion on the subject, please send e-mail response to

While this committee will be open to looking at all options for our neighborhood, and it may take several months before any further information is available to share; we want to make every EHHOA member aware of one Trash Removal Service that has contacted us and has offered our members an interesting promotion.

August County Disposal has offered each of our neighborhood members a special rate of $15 per month.  They promise our community clean and safe service, with only one new trash truck in and out of our neighborhood on Mondays.  They guarantee no mess left on our neighborhood streets, well maintained new trucks, all new trash cans, and free recycling service.

If interested in this service, you can contact them directly at 949-0160 or sign up on-line at  Be sure to request the special rate of $15.00/month for EHHOA members.


EHHOA Trash Removal Service Committee