Subject: [EHHOA] Emerald Hills HOA Annual Meeting 7pm 9/11 at Yancey Firestation
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 09:58:17 -0400
From: EHHOA Board of Directors
To: Emerald Hills Subscribers

Emerald Hills Property Owners,

Our 2017 Emerald Hills HOA Annual Meeting will take place 7:00pm on Monday September 11th in the Preston L Yancey Fire Department Community Room.

The "2017 Annual Meeting Notice" was mailed (USPS) to all owners over a week ago.  If you have not yet receive the mailing, please contact APMS as they may have an incorrect mailing address for you.   Also, be advised that this notice is being sent to our community email list that includes all residents who have subscribed.  Renters may attend this meeting, however, only owners, in good standing, have the ability to vote; one vote per each lot owned.

All current Board of Director terms are ending either at this meeting or at year end.  We are seeking nominations for all positions.   Serving on the board is not a complex task.  It takes minimal time, and offers the satisfaction of helping out your community.  Please consider how you can help by putting your name in nomination for one of the board positions.  Do you know another owner who might be willing?  If so, please place their name in nomination.  Please check with them first.  Nomination information, qualifications, and forms are attached.  Completed nomination forms must be received by September 7th to be considered at the annual meeting.

We also welcome assistance in other areas such are serving on the Architecture Review Committee, welcome committee, website, newsletter, and so on.

We look forward to seeing you at this important meeting.  Please complete and return the proxy if you're not able to attend so we can 'make quorum'.


EHHOA Board of Directors
    Nicole Baucom, President                John Murie, Vice President
    Mona Troensegaard, Secretary        Jack Cameron, Treasurer

EHHOA Website:

Attached to this notice:
  1. Official meeting notice of the 9/11/17 Annual Meeting.
  2. Proxy (to allow someone else to represent you)
  3. Basic meeting agenda
  4. Complaint Policy (VA Code)
  5. Minutes of 9/19/16 Annual Meeting (to be approved)
  6. 7/31/17 Financial Statement
  7. 2017 Board of Director Nomination forms