EHHOA - By Laws & Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

Covenants by section
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) affecting lots in Emerald Hills Subdivision.
Section Date Html Acrobat
1 11/1989 Parts A&B (note 2) Part A, Part B (note 2)
2 06/1992 Parts A&B (note 3) Part A, Part B (note 3)
3 07/1995 Parts A&B (note 3) Part A, Part B (note 3)
4 04/1999 Full Full
5 10/1999 Full Full
6 10/2001 Full Full
4 - Water
03/1999 Full (OCR text only) Full
  1. Use the Subdivision Map to locate the six Emerald Hills sections.
  2. Sign and Conservation Easements are also contained in the Section 1 document. Note that lot 211 was later merged into lots 1-5, with the exception of lot 4 which resulted in lot 211A. Lot 211 sign easement conveys to lot 1.
  3. Sections 1-3 covenants are contained in two documents (Part A & B), Sections 4-6 covenants are contained in a single document. The original, recorded, part B for sections 2 & 3 is not available but is identical to Part B of section 1.
  4. The HTML documents available here have been converted from hard copy to HTML with OCR software. Format differences as well as slight typographical errors may have been introduced in he process. Parts A and B have been combined to simplify document printing. Original document page breaks are indicated with a horizontal rule (line). Augusta County book and page numbers show at the top of each original page. Hard copy page numbers show at the bottom of each original page.
  5. Acrobat documents require Acrobat reader and may be quite large in size.