Emerald Hills Homeowners Association
Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2010

Kurt Michael – President
Larry Mattox – Treasurer
Ryan Aleshevich – Secretary

The meeting of the Emerald Hills Homeowners Association was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Kurt Michael who welcomed everyone. Roll call was taken, proxies were certified and verified by Mr. Franz, and a quorum was declared.

Minutes from the last meeting were handed out and read. Mr. Grunder moved to accept the minutes as read and the motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Michael passed out copies of the Treasurer’s report. The Association received 100% of dues in 2009. This year, however, only 90% of dues have been collected for 2010. Names of the 16 home owners with delinquent dues will be turned over to the association’s attorney.

A review of the Treasurer’s report showed the year began with a balance of $30,609 and ended with a balance of $34,035. Expenses had been budgeted at $7,250 with $6,088 spent. A new budget of $7,250 was discussed and Ms. Troensegaard moved to have it approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Election of officers was conducted with Kurt Michael as president and Ryan Aleshevich as secretary voted in unanimously.

Mr. Michael reviewed the status of the website. Members complimented Jack Cameron on his work with the website and thanked him for all his hard work.

Mr. Michael asked for those who were interested in volunteering for committees or positions. Ms. Troensegaard volunteered to serve on the Architectural Review Committee.

Mr. Michael asked if there was any old business and received no response. He then asked if there was any new business. A question was asked about snow removal and it was stated that snow removal was maintained by the state and any questions should be directed to VDOT.

A home owner asked if the association could pass along information on the website about Pine Bark beetles that have been killing trees in our area, such as the Leyland Cypress. Mr. Cameron agreed to do so.

A question regarding the status of the Yancey Volunteer Fire was asked and Mr. Michael gave an update. A motion was made by Mr. Cameron for a $400 donation to the fire department. This request was in keeping with the association’s customary annually financial support of the station. The motion passed unanimously. The board was also asked to look into replacement of the rear entrance sign and the pruning of bushes and trees along the front entrance.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by:

Kurt Michael, President
Emerald Hills Homeowners Association