EHHOA Meetings for 2020

Meeting Type Date time Location Notes
Q1 Board of Directors (2) 3/1/20 6:30pm Yancey Firestation
Q2 Board of Directors (2) 6/7/20 6:30pm Virtual No physical meeting this quarter due to COVID-19 social distancing.
Q3 Board of Directors (2) 9/13/20 6:30pm Virtual No physical meeting this quarter due to COVID-19 social distancing.
Annual HOA Meeting 9/14/20 6:30pm Virtual via Zoom Zoom virtual meeting. Details, agenda have been sent out viw both email and USPS. Please contact our BOD if you did not get one of these mailings or need the Zoom link emailed to you.
Q4 Board of Directors (2) 12/6/20 6:30pm Yancey Firestation Contact our BOD for more information regarding location and or Zoom link if virtual.


  1. EHHOA above meetings are not open to the general public. Only EHHOA members may attend. The above schedule of meetings is posted here to be easily available to all EHHOA members who are interested. A meeting notice and agenda will be sent out only for the annual meeting.
  2. While EHHOA members may attend Board of Directors (BOD) meetings, they may only make comments during a designated "Open Forum" time towards the end of the meeting. This time will normally be limited to 10 minutes; 2-5mins per member, depending on number of members wishing to offer comments on any matter relating to the association. Members desiring to offer comments are requested to advise the Board of Directors of intent at least two full days prior to that meeting. A motion may be made just prior to the end of any meeting (more likely a Board of Directors meeting) to discuss matters in private. In this case, non-Board members will be asked to leave the general meeting area.
  3. Meetings may be recorded (audio) to assist in preparing the meeting minutes. Some recordings may be saved, depending on the nature of meeting content.