Emerald Hills Homeowners Association

The Emerald Hills Homeowners Association is a non-profit association dedicated to enriching our community and maintaining property values within the Emerald Hills development. The Association is created according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and all homeowners are Association members by law. The Association can only be as successful as the members of the Association are willing to make it.

How do we make the Association successful? By participation in the activities of the Association. These activities include both social and governance activities. Additional activities can be added if there is interest. The annual yard sale and picnic are two of the annual social activities that need your support. The various committees can always use volunteers to help carry out the mission and purpose of the Association. Homeowners need to participate in the regular meetings of the Board of Directors to help with the decision making process. Decisions by the Board require an affirmative vote by a majority of the members and in some cases, a 2/3 majority. Board members have volunteered their time to ensure that the requirements of the Association are carried out. 

The Association is responsible for collecting the Homeowners Association fees, paid by every homeowner to cover community expenses such as maintaining public grounds, any social activities, and more.  The Homeowners Association can act as a mediator between homeowners, and between homeowners and the developer. It also ensures homeowners rules and guidelines are followed and enforced.  The Association can act as a liaison between homeowners and the county and state officials. As an example, our county supervisor has attended meetings of the Association to hear issues related to our community. All issues we have brought to his attention have been addressed, many of them in the process of being solved. 

Take pride in your Emerald Hills community and volunteer your time to help make our community a great place to live! From small tasks such as helping one of the committees to larger ones such as helping make the committees’ function, there is a way for you to help, whatever your interests or talents. Besides, it gives you a chance to have a voice in how the assessment monies are used and to get the county and state to take responsibility for larger issues. After all, you are a member!