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11/24/2003 (updates: 2/2/2004, 6/30/2004, 1/1/2004)

Dear Homeowner,

Welcome to Emerald Hills! On behalf of the Homeowner's Association (HOA) we would like to welcome you to our neighborhood. The current executive board and committee chairs are listed below in the case any questions should arise.

Upcoming activities, message board, community projects, HOA meeting minutes, covenants, subdivision maps, etc. are all available on our community website,

Please ensure that you have a copy of the covenants of our neighborhood. If you did not receive them at closing, the board will deliver a copy of them to you upon notification. Be advised that any external capital, or building projects (i.e. – sheds, fences, etc.) must have prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee.

If your annual dues were included in the closing costs of your home, please keep a copy of your contract for verification.

All residents are reminded that the speed limit within our subdivision is 25 miles per hour. Please help us protect our children, bikers, etc.. by obeying the speed limit.

Once again, welcome to our neighborhood.


Emerald Hills Homeowners Association
President – Scott Jones
Vice President – Kurt Michael
Treasurer – Larry Mattox
Secretary – Bethany Butcher
Committee Chairs
Architectural Review – Jr Lawhorne
Internet & Databasee – Jack Cameron
Social – Ryan Aleshvich
Special Projects – Fred McNeil

Neighborhood Welcome - Fred Grunder
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