Date: 5/23/2009
Subject: News From the EHHOA Board

Emerald Hills Residents,

Above Ground Pools and Seasonal Pools

Now that summer is here, many may be thinking about a cool dip in the swimming pool.  Please be aware that according to the covenants, above ground pools are not allowed. After much debate, it has been construed that an “above ground pool” may be defined as a permanent structure, large in size, with rigid sidewalls. On the other hand, a seasonal pool is a small pool usually purchased from a local department store such as Walmart or K-Mart. Seasonal pools are temporary in nature, small in size, made of vinyl or hard plastic with sidewalls ranging from a foot to approximately three feet high. Seasonal pools have historically been acceptable in the community as long as they are not put up before Memorial Day and are taken down by Labor Day.

Dirt / Mini-Bikes, Motor-Assisted Cycles Prohibited on Our Roads

Some concerns and complaints have been raised regarding the operation of motorized dirt bikes, mini-bikes, and go-carts on our roadways. Concerns mostly center about the safety of riders as well as those walking on the roads when the bikes pass by. Riders have generally lacked any protective gear. Bikes tend to go past walkers at an excessive speed, especially a concern for younger children and those with strollers or ‘tot’ bikes. Riders need to obey all stop signs. In addition to the safety concerns, the noise that these bikes make has been well noted though out the neighborhood.

Virgina code 46-2 regulates these devices
. Go to the link below and search for "moped or scooter or motor-driven" to review specific code.

The Augusta County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the general public safety of all residents in Augusta County, including those of Emerald Hills. The Sheriff’s Department can help you with issues dealing with illegal fireworks, unlicensed dirt / mini-bikes and go-carts driving up and down our streets, speeding traffic, and other illegal behavior. Please do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department at (540) 245-5333.

Emerald Hills Homeowners Association Board of Directors