7/6/2010 - Dues Notice for Fiscal Year 7/1/10 - 6/30/10

The annual association fee bills was mailed to all property owners on 7/3/10. Please contact the association if you do not receive the 'mailed' notice.

The EHHOA Board will maintain the annual fee at its current rate of $50 per year. Please note that the homeowners association is “legally” responsible for collecting dues.  According to the covenants, we are required to oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of Easements and Common Areas. In order to accomplish this, annual assessments are required.

Are you selling your home?

Please be aware that the HOA does not collect "partial dues payments.”  If a property in our neighborhood is sold during the fiscal period, the real estate “closing attorney" should pro-rate a credit to the property owner. This is similar to how property taxes are handled, and should be reflected on the closing statement. Also, please inform your Realtor that no signs are permitted on association common areas, including the front entrance. Thanks for respecting our covenants and good luck on the sale of your home.