To: Emerald Hills Property Owners,

Subject: Dues Invoices are "In the Mail"

Dues invoices are now being processed for all property owners. The first batch were mailed today, 6/25. Please contact our treasurer at 'treasurer@ehhoa.info' if you do not received your invoice by 7/10. Failure to inform us of a change of address may delay your bill resulting in late dues payment which will further result in a late fee.

The news letter below was included with the invoice. It will also be mailed to all renters once invoices have all gone out.


Dear Neighbors,

Once again, the Board of Directors would like to thank every resident who has made our neighborhood one of the most desirable places to live in Augusta County. This year the community saw a successful community-wide yard sale, low annual association fees, and 98% compliance on collection of annual fees. Please note that the homeowners’ association is “legally” responsible for collecting dues. According to the covenants, we are required to oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of Easements and Common Areas. In order to accomplish this, annual assessments are required. Visit our webpage for financial reports at http://ehhoa.info/

Because of the efficient operation of the association over the past few years, the board has voted to lower this year’s annual dues to $40. This rate will allow us to operate at our current level of service while still maintaining our strong reserve. The board appreciates your quick reply in paying your fees. By doing so, it helps keep our administrative cost low and helps the volunteers who lick stamps, send out the letters, and manage the billing process.

The Board of Directors is proud to serve you and is committed to continuing the excellent quality of life we enjoy here in Emerald Hills. Again, thank you very much for your time, patience, and most importantly, your support. We look forward to working with you over the year.


The Board of Directors

Below are some reminders regarding our neighborhood:

Improving the exterior of your home
According to the covenants, residents are required to get approval from Architecture Review before starting any exterior modifications to your property. This includes home painting, structural additions, fences, walls, sheds, pools, etc. Please visit our community website at “http://ehhoa.info/”to obtain a Modification Request Application Form.

Selling your home
Please be aware that the HOA does not collect "partial dues

payments”. If a property in our neighborhood is sold during the fiscal period, the real estate “closing attorney" should pro-rate a credit to the property owner. This is similar to how property taxes are handled, and should be reflected on the closing statement. Also, please inform your Realtor that no signs are permitted on association common areas, including the front entrance. Thanks for respecting our covenants and good luck on the sale of your home.

Augusta County Sheriff
A few complaints have been made about mini-bikes and go-carts driving around the neighborhood. The Augusta County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the general public safety of our roadways. The Sheriff’s Department can also help you with issues dealing with illegal fireworks, speeding traffic, and other illegal behavior. Please do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department at 540-245-5333.

Augusta County Animal Control
A few complaints have been made about dogs roaming our community. The Augusta County Animal Control Department is responsible for issues related to wild or domestic animals that may be an annoyance or danger to our community. Please do not hesitate to call the animal control officer at 540-245-5635 if you see stray dogs or a wild animal that is acting strangely. In the past we have had reports of rabid animals in the area. Also, please be considerate of your neighbor. Leaving a barking dog out all day or in a house with windows open can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Please do not allow your dog to run loose into the road as people walk and, finally, please be courteous and clean up after your dogs when walking them.

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EHHOA Board of Directors