Emerald Hills Homeowners Association News

Date: 9/17/2012

Sign Vandalism
By way of a bit more detail on the entrance sign vandalism... The letters on our entrance sign were reported missing on 9/7. The Sheriffs department investigated the issue on 9/11 with no results thus far. Seven letters were forcibly removed; one E, two Is, one L, two Rs, and one S. They are 15" high and about 1-1/2" thick heavy plastic, gold painted as can be seen in the pictures below. Very hard to hide it would seem. As was already posted, we're getting a quote for replacement. If you know of or hear of anything that might assist with the investigation please let us or the county Sheriff (245-5333 ) know asap.

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Motorcycle Racing
Over several recent weekends, especially the last few Sunday afternoons and evenings, there has been extremely loud motorcycle racing noise coming from adjacent lots East of Wyndham Hill Drive. We ask that effected neighbors report the issue to the sheriff's department (245-5333) as it's happening. These lots are zoned agriculture which will likely make resolution difficult. However, we should document as many occurrences as possible by as many residents as possible to highlight the situation to county representatives. We've contacted our district supervisor, Jeff Moore (241-0235), as well as county Community Development, Tim Fitzgerald (245-5700) for assistance regarding possible zoning restrictions. For example, charging for racing or to view racing would be a clear violation.