Attention Emerald Hills Residents!
Annual HOA Meeting Reminder- Wednesday 9/26 7pm, Augusta County Library

All owners and renters (*) are urged to attend this very important meeting.

Our Annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7pm at the Augusta County Library

While this is our annual meeting, please note that this meeting is very important as our association is in need of replacing the President and Secretary of the board of directors. We're sure many of you are unaware of the responsibilities of the positions and may not even be aware they existed, but please note that in order to continue to function as a homeowners association, these positions must be filled.

Please consider stepping up and running for one of these positions. The time commitment for these positions is minimal and typically the BOD meets just a few times per year. The primary responsibilities would be to make sure we follow the by-laws, keep our neighborhood safe, help keep up the value of our neighborhood and maintain one of the best neighborhoods in our area. Our homes are one of the largest investments we will all make. This is your opportunity to support our neighborhood by running for these open positions.

Please come out and support your neighborhood/community and learn how you can help.

EHHOA Board of Directors

(*) Renters are welcome to participate but are not counted for quorum and are not eligible to run for positions or vote in related issues.