Subject: Important: Drainage Ditches and Common Areas
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 16:22:30 -0400
From: EHHOA Board of Directors <>
To: emerald Hills Subscribers <>

Emerald Hills Residents,

Our mowing and landscaping contractor has informed us that grass clippings have been found discarded in water drainage ditches and around drainage ponds located on our common areas.  Please be aware that no person may dump, discard or deposit any, refuse, rubbish, grass clippings, leaves, bushes, limbs, straw or the like in or immediately adjacent to, the water drainage ditches that run through Emerald Hills Subdivision.  Such action may disrupt the flow of water drainage and or plug the overflow drains on our retention ponds resulting in flooding or damage to both HOA and resident properties.

Also found was that large rocks have been removed from the North retention pond area and placed in the adjacent grass just beyond the pond.  Removal of these rocks places the stability of the pond and ditches at risk for erosion.  In addition, rocks left in the grass slow down cutting, at our expense, as well as pose a danger to our contractor and others who use the common area.

We ask that all residents assist your HOA in maintaining our community common areas and drainage system by refraining from actions that may put these at risk.  Please inform Association & Property Management Services (540-423-3879 / or our Board of Directors ( to report possible violations.

Thank you,

Emerald Hills Board of Directors
  Nicole Baucom, President
  Kurt Michael, Vice President
  Ryan Aleshevich, Secretary
  Jack Cameron, Treasurer