Emerald Hills Neighbors,

It has been brought to our management company that there are concerns with speeding within our neighborhood.

The Speed Limit is 25 MPH throughout our neighborhood. As a neighborhood we should follow these guidelines set by the county for a reason. We have a lot of walkers, dog walkers, runners and children and safety is a priority. Contacts have been made for possibly more 25 MPH signs being posted throughout the neighborhood and how we go about getting speed bumps added. Please slow down when approaching pedestrians. Pedestrian Safety Tip: “Walk left, ride right.” Do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department at 540-245-5333 with issues dealing with speeding traffic, ATVs, mini/off-road bikes, illegal fireworks, and other illegal behavior. Call 911 in case of an emergency. Also note that VDOT maintains and plows our roads. Please contact VDOT if you have questions about road maintenance.

EHHOA Board of Directors