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Emerald Hills Homeowners Association
Fall 2016 Newsletter

Your Board of Directors (BOD) would like to thank every resident who has made our neighborhood one of the most desirable places to live in Augusta County.

We continue to address various items in Emerald Hills such as grounds maintenance, property violations, and unpaid assessments. Some items, like unapproved modifications and disrepair are being addressed with assistance of APMS. Although some may find this negative, our aim is to maintain the overall harmony of neighborhood design; exactly as per our governing Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. In light of this, it's very important that all buyers have received and reviewed the disclosure package and that the seller's agent order one and provide it to purchasers, per state law.

Your BOD is committed to continuing the excellent quality of life we enjoy here in Emerald Hills. Thank you very much for your understanding, patience, and most importantly, your support.

Our association is legally bound to oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of Easements and Common Areas. In order to accomplish this, owners are assessed an annual fee per lot. As was announced at our recent September Annual Meeting, our upcoming 2017 - 2018 (July 1st through June 30th) assessment will rise slightly again this year to $55 per owned lot. This rate will allow us to provide for required services and maintain a strong reserve.

As per our covenants, all property owners are required to pay the annual assessment for each lot owned. As of 10/1 there are still several owners who have unpaid invoices. All unpaid balances are subject a 12% late fee and also may incur collection, legal, and registered mailing fees. Failure to pay assessment for three years may result in a lien being perfected on the related property. Any unpaid assessment balance and fees must be paid at property sale closing.

According to our covenants, owners are required to get approval from Architecture Review (ARC) before starting any new building, performing exterior modifications to existing structures, or altering your property. This includes new construction, exterior painting, structural additions, fences, walls, sheds, pools, etc. Please contact our Board, our ARC, or visit our "http://ehhoa.info/" website to obtain a “Property Improvement Request Form”. Please note that Modification Forms should be sent to "EHHOA ARC, PO Box 1024, Fishersville, VA 22939" rather than to APMS.

Emerald Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. is a legal Virginia corporation and is required to maintain a reasonable member list as a corporation in good standing as well as a basis for our Federal and State tax filings. Our Treasurer requests that owners provide status of property sales, rentals, and mailing address changes. Providing this information in a timely manner saves us the cost and effort of obtaining it from the county. Please contact APMS or use the 'Contact information update' form on the APMS website to update your information.

The Augusta County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the general public safety of our community and roadways. 25mph is the maximum speed on our roads and only when conditions are ideal. Please slow down when approaching pedestrians. Pedestrian Safety Tip: “Walk left, ride right.” Do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department at 540-245-5333 with issues dealing with speeding traffic, ATVs, mini/off-road bikes, illegal fireworks, and other illegal behavior. Call 911 in case of an emergency. Also note that VDOT maintains and plows our roads. Please contact VDOT if you have questions about road maintenance. We are in the Staunton district; phone: 540-332-9075, E-mail: stauntoninfo@vdot.virginia.gov.

Please be aware that, as per our covenants, only specific signs are allowed on Emerald Hills properties. Article II, Section Four says “No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any of said lots except one sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising the property for sale or rent, or signs used by the builder to advertise the property during construction. One sign not exceeding one-half (1/2) square foot displaying the name of the owner of the property shall be permitted on any of said lots”. Other signs, such as political endorsements, will be considered in violation of our covenants.

Please consider your neighbors. Uncontrolled dog barking continues as the leading neighborhood complaint. Leaving a barking dog outside or in a house with windows open will likely be a nuisance to your neighbors. Please do not allow your dog to run loose into the road as people walk. Please be courteous and clean up after your dog when walking them.

Dogs not under direct control of their owner are deemed to be 'roaming' and prohibited in Augusta County. The Augusta County Animal Control Department is responsible for issues related to wild or domestic animals that may be an annoyance or danger to our community. Please do not hesitate to call the animal control officer on 540-245-5635 if you see stray dogs or a wild animal that is acting strangely.

Vehicles parked along the roadways, including Cu l-de-sacs, on a permanent or long term basis is not allowed. In addition, no RVs, boats, etc.. may be left on your property in front of your home. By way of a reminder, Article II, Section Ten, of our covenants contains the text “No recreational vehicle or boat shall be permitted to be parked in front of the dwelling constructed on any lot. No large commercial vehicles shall be permitted on any lot.”. Generally, the board has handled this on a case by case basis. Also note that vehicles parked on or partly on the roads poses a danger for our residents, especially our children.

Association & Property Management Services (APMS) continues as our management service. Please contact APMS for neighborhood questions, concerns, or violations. Feel free to use one of the forms on their “Homeowners Central” web page.

Trick-or-treat safety tips: Plan a route in advance..., Watch for traffic and parked cars on narrow dark roads..., Wear comfy shoes..., Stay well-lit…, Avoid long costume…, Use flexible props…, Check your child's candy. Daylight savings time ends on Sunday 11/6 at 2am. Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed.

Contact Us:

Emerald Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 1024
Fishersville, VA 22939
Board Email: Board@ehhoa.info
ARC Email: Arc@ehhoa.info
Website: http://ehhoa.info/

Association & Property Management Services (APMS)
PO Box 2182
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Phone: 540-423-3879
Email: office@apmsva.com
Website: http://www.apmsva.com/homeowner-central/

EHHOA Board of Directors
Nicole Baucom, President
John Murie, Vice President
Mona Troensegaard, Secretary
Jack Cameron, Treasurer
Jim Eiland, ARC Chair

Please click HERE for a printable copy of this newsletter.

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