Emerald Hills Homeowners Association
Fall 2019 Newsletter


At the annual HoA meeting on September 9th there was very good discussion regarding several issues that directly impact our neighborhood. There were 20 people from the neighborhood in attendance. Discussions included: Speeding cars along Emerald Heights and Wyndham Hill Drive, pot hole repairs, HoA expenses, landscaping and approval of several new by-laws.

Your volunteer Board Members are committed to continuing the unique setting that we enjoy here in Emerald Hills. Thank you very much for your assistance and cooperation in making this an excellent neighborhood. If you have an interest in serving on a homeowner’s association committee, please let one of the board members know. As we continue to replace some of the shrubs at the entrance sign area it would be great to have a landscape committee to help develop some alternative designs.

A few weeks after the September HoA meeting Suzanne Reich volunteered to serve on the Board as Vice President. One of initiatives that she will be working on is to validate the homeowner e-mails list.

As a follow-up to the three neighborhood initiatives that were listed in the spring newsletter here is an update:

Neighborhood Watch
The Neighborhood Watch program has been ongoing since last spring. Two “Neighborhood Watch” signs have been posted at both of the main entrance roads. Sergeant Wills from the County Sheriff’s Office attended the annual HoA meeting. He spoke about continued random patrols in the neighborhood as staffing resources are available.

Augusta County Wetlands Initiative
Augusta County did not receive the funding necessary to move forward with modifying the configuration of the wetlands located between Molly Court and Peterson Drive. The County Engineer, who has been working with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, says that they intend to resubmit the grant application. What this means to the HoA if this wetlands initiative is approved is that the County would take over managing a portion of this 4.72-acre field. Once the County plan has been further developed and funded there will be an opportunity for a review of the plan at a special Homeowner’s Association meeting. Overall the County’s proposal has the potential of being a win-win situation wherein the EHHOA annual landscaping costs will likely be reduced if the County takes over maintenance responsibility for the proposed storm-water retention pond. As additional information is received from the County it will be shared with all concerned.

    Updating the Home Owners Association Governing Documents.
    All six of the proposed new by-laws were approved at the Annual HoA meeting with 23 of 182 households voting.

    APMS and a representative from the Architectural Review Committee will be conducting the semi-annual neighborhood inspections on November 5th. The most prevalent deficiency continues to be with growth of green algae on siding. The ongoing scarce availability of maintenance contractors is recognized. Worth mentioning is that there are several do-it-your self siding wash products available wherein detergent sprayers can be connected to a garden hose.

    Neighborhood Yard Sale
    The neighborhood yard sale on Saturday June 8th did not appear to be as heavily attended as in years past. The Board is open for suggestions regarding setting an alternative timeframe for the 2020 yard sale. In the past the yard sale had been scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend when there are conflicting priorities. The June date may be too late in the year since school is out and families may already be on vacation. One of the agenda items planned for the December 1st Board of Directors meeting will be selection of dates for the HoA meetings during 2020 as well as setting a date for the neighborhood yard sale.

    Other ongoing initiatives: Replacing a section of the Juniper shrubs at the South Side entrance to match the north side with Liriope and re-bidding the landscaping contract.

    Neighborhood reminders

    Property Improvement Requests
    According to our covenants, owners are required to obtain approval from the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) before starting any new building, performing exterior modifications to existing structures, or altering your property. This includes new construction, exterior painting which changes the color scheme, structural additions, fences, walls, sheds, pools, etc. Please contact a member of the Board or the ARC, or visit our "http://ehhoa.info/" website to obtain a “Property Improvement Request Form”. Please note that Modification Forms should be sent to "EHHOA ARC, P.O. Box 1024, Fishersville, VA 22939" rather than to APMS.

    Parking on the street
    No overnight parking is permitted on roads.

    Nighttime noise
    Consistent with County ordinance please minimize party noise after 10:00pm. There shouldn’t be a need to say more; let common sense prevail.

    Barking dogs
    As responsible pet owners please control your dogs and be considerate of your neighbors who may be working night shifts and sleeping during part of the day. Persistent barking is annoying. There shouldn’t be a need to say more; let common sense prevail.

    If you or one of your neighbors is not already receiving EHHOA e-mails please direct them to the webpage and sign up to receive E-mail (listserv) notifications regarding neighborhood activities or contact our webmaster at Webmaster@ehhoa.info.


    Association & Property Management Services (APMS) continues as our management service. Please contact APMS for neighborhood questions, concerns, or violations. Their contact information is provided below.

    Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Meetings

    The next quarterly Board of Directors meeting is currently scheduled for Monday December 1, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Preston L. Yancey Fire House. At this meeting the meeting dates for 2020 will be established. Although the focus of this meeting is for Board of Director coordination activities, all Emerald Hills homeowners are welcome to attend.

    Contact Us:

    Emerald Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. PO Box 1024 Fishersville, VA 22939

    Board Email: Board@ehhoa.info
    ARC Email: arc@ehhoa.info
    Website: http://ehhoa.info/

    Association & Property Management Services (APMS) P.O. Box 2182 Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (200 High Street Bridgewater, VA 22812)

    Phone: 540-423-3879
    Email: office@apmsva.com

    Website: http://www.apmsva.com/homeowner-central.

    EHHOA Board of Directors
    President, Jacques L’Heureux,
    Vice President, Suzanne Reich
    Treasurer, Brent Adams
    Secretary, Frank Battaglia
    ARC Chair, Nicole Baucom

    Submitted by Jacques – 10/23/19
    Formatted and posted by Webmaster - 10/24/19