Emerald Hills Homeowners Association - Spring 2019 Newsletter


There are currently three ongoing neighborhood initiatives that are summarized below. During the next several months there will be continued communications regarding each of these initiatives so as to involve as many homeowners as possible. Communications will be by e-mail, U.S. mail along with the billing for the annual assessment fee and my word-of-mouth. If you or one of your neighbors is not already receiving EHHOA e-mails please direct them to the webpage and sign up to receive E-mail (listserv) notifications regarding neighborhood activities or contact Jack Cameron at Webmaster@ehhoa.info.

Your volunteer Board Members are committed to continuing the unique setting that we enjoy here in Emerald Hills. Thank you very much for your assistance and cooperation in making this an excellent neighborhood. If you have an interest in serving on a homeowner’s association committee, please let one of the board members know.

Ongoing initiatives:
Neighborhood Watch
At the March 2nd Quarterly HOA Board meeting we had a very informative discussion with a representative from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Department regarding establishing a Neighborhood Watch in Emerald Hills. Sergeant Josh Graves described the program as an informal organization of informed citizens who are alert to recognizing unusual activities in the neighborhood and who have a willingness to report suspicious activities to the County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Graves provided his business card to 20+ homeowners in attendance and clearly conveyed his interest in preventing crime in our community.

The consensus of attendees at the meeting was to move forward and formally establish a Neighborhood Watch. On March 30th two “Neighborhood Watch signs” from the County were posted at each of the main entrance roads. Additional signs have been ordered. There is expected to be follow-on discussion regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program at the next quarterly Board of Directors Meeting that is scheduled for June 2nd.

The newspapers and television news have been full of reports regarding local crime incidents; unfortunately, our neighborhood has not been immune from automobile break-ins and vandalism. Although the neighborhood has a no solicitation policy, salespersons and other strangers are sometimes seen in the neighborhood walking from house to house. Always be alert and mindful of who may be traveling through the neighborhood. As a precaution, keep your cars locked (especially at night) and make use of outdoor lights. In addition to stealing and vandalism, we also discussed the high incidence of speeders in the neighborhood and specifically requested increased surveillance by the Sheriff’s Department. There is specific concern about Wyndham Hill Drive where most of the speeding occurs.

Do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Department at 540-245-5333 with issues dealing with speeding traffic, ATVs, mini/off-road bikes, illegal fireworks, and other illegal behavior.

The radar trailer set up for 2 weeks last year appeared to have had positive results in slowing down traffic. Use of this trailer has been requested again for later this year.

Always call 911 in case of an emergency

Augusta County Wetlands Initiative
As part of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality initiative to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, Augusta County has applied for a government grant to increase the number of wetlands areas that it manages. The County is interested in taking over maintenance of the wetlands area located between Molly Court and Peterson Drive. Last fall an engineering firm, hired by the County, conducted soil boring analysis in the proposed retention pond area. The County has requested government funding for the project. Once their plan has been further developed there will be an opportunity for a review of the plan at a special Homeowner’s Association meeting. Overall the County’s proposal has the potential of being a win-win situation wherein the EHHOA annual landscaping costs will likely be reduced if the County takes over maintenance responsibility for the proposed storm-water pond. As additional information is received from the County it will be shared with all concerned.

Updating the Home Owners Association Governing Documents.
For the past year and a half the BoD has been working with APMS and their attorney to update the governing documents for the HoA so as to bring them into compliance with current Virginia Code. If there are no unforeseen developments, the ongoing initiative to update the governing documents may be completed by the Annual Homeowners meeting that is scheduled for September 9th.

A summary of the proposed changes (as of April 2019) are as follows:

The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year beginning January 1, 2019. …

Annual meetings … The annual member’s meetings shall be held each year for the purpose of electing Directors and of transacting any other business authorized to be transacted by the members.

Notice of meetings. …. At least fourteen days advance on any annual or regularly scheduled meeting and at least seven days in advance of any other meeting…

Signing of checks must be approved (signed) by at least two directors.

Final review and approval of the amendments prior to the end of the year appears to be doable.

Neighborhood yard sale
The date for the annual neighborhood yard sale is Saturday June 8th. This was discussed at the March BoD meeting. In the past the yard sale had been scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend when there are conflicting priorities; accordingly, the annual yard sale has been moved to later in the year.

Pot Hole Repairs
Several of the pot holes have been reported to VDOT using their web page. Anyone is welcome to report their concerns to VDOT. Several neighborhood concerns were posted on the VDOT deficiency list were repaired last month.

Neighborhood reminders

Property Improvement Requests
According to our covenants, owners are required to obtain approval from the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) before starting any new building, performing exterior modifications to existing structures, or altering your property. This includes new construction, exterior painting which changes the color scheme, structural additions, fences, walls, sheds, pools, etc. Please contact a member of the Board or the ARC, or visit our "http://ehhoa.info/" website to obtain a “Property Improvement Request Form”. Please note that Modification Forms should be sent to "EHHOA ARC, P.O. Box 1024, Fishersville, VA 22939" rather than to APMS.

Semi-annual Neighborhood Inspection in April
APMS will be conducting its required semi-annual inspection in April. Items of concern in the past have included: faded shutters, algae growing on dirty siding, untrimmed shrubbery, peeling paint on porch railings and RV and trailer parking. Homeowners with areas of concern which detract from the overall neighborhood appearance and value of homes who have been sent notification letters by APMS will be rechecked.

Barking dogs
As responsible pet owners please control your dogs and be considerate of your neighbors who may be working night shifts and sleeping during part of the day. Persistent barking is annoying. There shouldn’t be a need to say more; let common sense prevail.

Association & Property Management Services (APMS) continues as our management service. Please contact APMS for neighborhood questions, concerns, or violations. Their contact information is provided below.

The next annual homeowners association meeting is currently scheduled for Monday September 9, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Preston L. Yancey Fire House.

Contact Us:
Emerald Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 1024
Fishersville, VA 22939

Board Email: Board@ehhoa.info
ARC Email: arc@ehhoa.info
Website: http://ehhoa.info/

Association & Property Management Services (APMS)
PO Box 2182
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
(200 High Street Bridgewater, VA 22812)

Phone: 540-423-3879
Email: office@apmsva.com
Website: http://www.apmsva.com/homeowner-central.

EHHOA Board of Directors
President, Jacques L’Heureux,
Vice President, vacant
Treasurer, Brent Adams
Secretary, Frank Battaglia
ARC Chair, Nicole Baucom

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