Emerald Hills Homeowners Association Website Help

Note that this help text may be out of date due to HOA administration and website changes that happened 4/15 through 5/15.

Acrobat files, printable files
Most of the documents are in Acrobat format (.PDF) and require Acrobat Reader to view them. Most PC's come with Acrobat already installed. However, if you do not have Acrobat you may get a free copy by clicking on the Acrobat icon below.
Click on this image to get a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Display Windows, Location, Missing
This is a frames based website. In general, most links on this site will display in the main frame, leaving the header (top) and navigation links (left) in place. However, links that display a large document or external site may display in their own page. Use of full screen mode or fully enlarged windows may make it difficult to see the separate document window. You may need to use your task manager or task bar to locate the window.

You may display any link in its own window (not in main frame) pressing 'shift' as you click on the link or by 'right clicking' on that link and then selecting the "open in new window" option from the pop-up menu.

ehhoa-members Mail List
A special E-mail list exists to allow EHHOA members to easily communicate with all those in the list. This communication method is often referred to as a 'listserv'. Anyone in the list can send an E-mail to all of the list members simply be sending a single an E-mail to the E-mail list name 'ehhoa-members' at the 'ehhoa.info' domain. Please be sure to keep your email text appropriate and 'neighborly'. The E-mail list is also used by the EHHOA Intrernet and Database Committee to send out news and events from time to time. Additional help can be found on the E-mail listserve page.
Junk Mail, Virus, SPAM
Problems with junk mail from EHHOA? Probably not, but please CLICK HERE for more about a problem with junk mail and a virus that started around 11/23/05.
Member services UserName and Password
Member services functions require either a common or personal UserName and Password to gain access. This has been done to protect Emerald Hills homeowners from unauthorized advertising, email SPAM, and related misuse as a result of the member directory. Members are urged to not pass the UserName and Password along to others.

To obtain the common UserName and Password please use our Contact Us page to send a request note to the Webmaster. Please include your phone number (or other contact information) in your request as we need to be sure that those making the request are Emerald Hills owners and that you understand to not pass this information to others. Personal UserNames and Passwords are limited to the EHHOA Board, web adminstration, and some staff personal.

Members are requested to not pass either printed or electronic member lists to non Emerald Hills owners.

Please report changes or additions to your directory entry the Webmaster via E-mail found on our Contact Us page. If you do not wish to have your phone number or email in the directory you must let us know. You may not remove your name or address as this data is part of the Virginia public real estate records.

Printing of a wide listing requires that you select 'landscape' orientation from the page setup or your printer properties.
Moving Around, Back and Forward
All usable links are found on the navigation frame on the left of the main page as well as within pages that display in the main frame or the document window. Normal use of the left frame links will not require the use of the browser's 'back' or 'forward' buttons. However, use of the 'back' or 'forward' buttons may be useful when selection was done from a like in the main frame. IE users may find 'Alt-left arrow' and 'Alt-right arrow' keys useful as 'back' and 'foward' alternatives.

A page may be opened in a new window instead of in the main website frame by holding down the Shift key as you click on that page's link or right clicking on the link and selecting open in new window or new tab, etc..

Official EHHOA E-Mail Notices
Please CLICK HERE for this information.
Phone numbers, numbers blanked out (xxx-xxxx)
We do not display personal phone numbers of individuals on the public portion website. For example, see the Welcome Letter. The numbers are blanked out in any documentes that would have otherewise carried them. Please refer to our Contact us page for our Email ids. Phone numbers are published in the password protected member directory. Phone numbers and similar Information the you post in the message board is not blanked out. Please be careful of the content of your message as all messages are considered public.

Printing pages and images
Effort has been taken to format pages and documents in a way that they will print properly on 8-1/2 x 11" paper in portrait mode. However, the directory listings may require landscape print orentation. You may also need to reduce margin or text size to assure single page web pages fit onto a single sheet of paper. Acrobat files normally print properly. If not, try using the 'fit to page' Acrobat option.

Images can be printed with IE by 'right clicking' on the image and selecting "Print picture". Netscape users can select "view image" and then use the normal browser print. In all cases, images can be locally saved by 'right clicking' on them and choosing "Save image as".. or "Save picture as". You can then use your computer's image software to manage and print the images.

To print the subdivision map, right click on the page heading "Emerald Hills Subdivision Map" and select print from the menu. To view a bigger image just click on the map image. You can then save the full image to your PC for your own use. Printing of the full image is not recommended as it will not fit on a standard printer.