Emerald Hills Homeowners Association Community E-mail List Usage Notes

An EHHOA member E-mail list exists to allow anyone subscribed to the list to easily communicate with everyone else also subscribed to the list. This communication method is often referred to as a 'listserv'. Anyone in the list can send an E-mail to all of the list members simply by using the link or by sending an E-mail to the list name. Remember that many of your neighbors will received your E-mail. Please keep your note text appropriate. The characters '[EHHOA]' will be prefixed to the subject of all notes sent to the member E-mail list. Subscription to our 'email listserv' is for HOA and members use only; it's unrealted to the any email that you provided to APMS.

Quick access links are directly below. Please review the instructional text and usage notes below before proceeding.

Subscribing to the list
Only EHHOA members may subscribe to the E-mail list. You can subscribe as many ids as you like for your family. Please limit these to members at least 18 years of age. Please go to our contact us page and send a short email the our Webmaster requesting to join the Email Listserv. You must provide your property address as part of the request as the list moderator must verify that you actually live in Emerald Hills before approval. Please be patient.
Removing your id
Please go to our contact us page and send an email to our Webmaster requesting to be Unsubscribed from the community email list. Unsubcribing from the list also rmeans you will no longer receive news and event information thus you will miss out on information sent by your HOA. Your email id may be removed if you change the subscribed name as it will no longer match our resident records. Old, failing E-mail ids, are automatically unsubscribed.
Sending to the whole list ( )
To send an E-mail to the list, just select the ' ' link to compose your note. Everyone in the list will get your note. If the 'Send' link does not work for you then you may send your note 'To:' (not 'Cc:') 'ehhoa-members@ehhoa.info'. The E-mail will appear to come from your E-mail id allowing those getting it to reply directly back to you. This will then allow all members of the list to communicate jointly through a single E-mail id. Be sure to use suitable Subject for your note.

Usage Notes:

  1. Primary uses for this facility include seeking (or offering) a baby-sitter, 'lost and found', advertising a service or item that you are offering for sale or seeking. PLEASE! - no second party commercial advertising with this service.
  2. Your email must have a subject that relates to the content of your note.
  3. Address your email to your neighbors. Something like "Emerald Hills neighbors" or "Dear neighbors".
  4. Always identify yourself by using your full name and physical (property) address here in Emerald Hills at the end of your note, as a signature.
  5. Keep your note short and to the point or your readers will likely ignore it. Please keep your text "family appropriate".
  6. If you are not at least 18 years old. Please be sure that a parent or guardian has given you permission to use this facility.
  7. Avoid using images or attachments over 2.5meg bytes (total of all images) in your note as all parties must download images and attachments to see your note. In addition, many Email programs will tag bulk mailings that contain larger images and attachments as SPAM. The maximum message size allowed for all images and attachments in a submission is 2.5meg bytes. It's best to reduce all image sizes to no larger than 600 pixels on the larger side before attaching to your Listserv email. Windows Paint or MAC iPhoto can be used to do this. Note that larger images or many smaller images may cause your note to be considered as SPAM at the receiving end (not our listserv).
  8. If you have problems with these notes getting tagged as SPAM, try setting up a filter (white list) that puts notes with the characters [EHHOA] in the "Subject:" directly into your inbox.
  9. Your Email MUST be sent from the Email id that is subscribed to this service. If a sent note fails, you will get back a 'bounce' note with the problem noted in the subject line. Contact our webmaster for assistance.

Things to avoid. Failure to do so will result in your note being perceived as SPAM resulting in complaints and requests to be unsubscribed.

  1. Did not address your note to Emerald Hills neighbors, residents, or friends. Failure to do this makes your note appear as a bulk mailing, beyond our community.
  2. Your note contains mostly images that convey text information. This is a common method used by bulk mailers to escape 'word based' SPAM filters.
  3. Large and/or multi-color, 'attention getting' font was used in your text making your note appear to be a bulk advertisement. Bulk advertisement (pamphlets) are considered SPAM.
  4. Your note is advertising for a non-resident. No second party commercial advertising is allowed. This includes a professional business you work for.
  5. Confidentiality Notice tag is not allowed as message distribution and forward violates this notice.
  6. Your note is a forward from someone else. You must compose and send a new note, not a forward.
  7. Suspect words were found in your note. Suspect words include profanity, adult materials, words common to 'get-rich-quick' schemes, etc..
  8. Your note included an attachment that appeared to be an advertisement; thus not allowed. Tell others about a personal business you may own in your note and not in an attachment.
  9. You did not clearly fully identify yourself as an Emerald Hills resident. Always identify yourself with a signature by using your full name and physical (property) address here in Emerald Hills.
  10. Copy (Cc: or Bcc:) of email ids not known to be residents may result in rejection. Copying (Cc:) the email server will result in rejection. You must send To: the list.